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website under construction 01 Website Under Construction Template

Whenever a domain is purchased, you need a coming soon or under construction template so as to give a clear message that the website is still under development. Nowadays this sort of templates also have a subscription option to enable people to subscribe by their emails to be notified when the website is live.

Today’s freebie is a free website under construction template that has an elegant design and subscription option available on it. Feel free to download the free psd file to use it for any personal or commercial purpose.

I would really love to hear from you and get your feedback on this free website under construction template. Cheers!


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Asif Aleem

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43 Responses

  1. The red background is simple fantastic! i will be one more in the list of downloads. nice job dude!@bose

  2. rockahontas says:

    wowww thank you for your awesome work :D

  3. This template is really nice.
    I loved that red background.

  4. SarDira says:

    Very elegant indeed. Great Job, and many thanks :D

  5. Perfect template! Nice, clean, and smooth. Just bought a personal domain name and will be using this. Thanks!

  6. Debora York says:

    Working on my 2nd web site for Dreamweaver class so I don’t have a website yet!

    This is a beautiful page. Thank you!

  7. FoodCouriers says:

    This is Brilliant. Thank you

  8. FoodCouriers says:

    This is simply brilliant. Thank you

  9. Wow very cool. this free and cool, thanks mate, i like this theme very beautiful and full colors

  10. Nelson says:

    Nice. Super Nice. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Jun Vanther says:

    Nice thanks for this sharing… i like it..

  12. Sargon says:

    What file do you download the template as? How do i get the html coding ?

  13. thenew says:


    I’m new here, and in the world of designing. I just want to know how to put this on a website. It is just one file. Can somebody help me?


  14. Brilliant design just what i need!

  15. dgrylas says:

    I need to know the code to make the update me feature work

  16. dgrylas says:

    If you could send me the code to make the email collect feature work that would be great!

  17. dgrylas says:

    Can you send the code showing how to make email colect work?

  18. TotoSal says:

    Good Design admin . nice template . Downloaded

  19. Jennyfer says:

    Awsome! is as read as the theme I’m working on! luv it.

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