Terms of Use

We want to stay true to the name we’ve chosen for this blog – Freebies Gallery.

That means you can freely use resources featured on this website. You can use these resources, free of cost, for personal as well non-commercial purposes. You are free to seek design inspiration from them or modify them in any way you like.

You can also feature these resources on your website or blog. We’ll, however, encourage you to acknowledge their ownership by providing attributions and back-links to the original source – Freebies Gallery.

While we support a free Web where people can work collaboratively making use of freely available resources, you cannot sell, distribute, or advertise any of these resources, online or offline, acting, explicitly or implicitly, as their designer or owner.

If you want to make a resource available on your blog or website, please provide a link to the page on which the resources has been uploaded. Do not link it to the zip file because it is not permanent. Offering a resource in a repackaged zip file is also forbidden.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of these resources or any other aspect of Freebies Gallery. To tell you the truth, without your encouragement, we wouldn’t be here.

Enjoy the freedom to design!


Can I use it for personal, non-commercial or commercial purposes?
You can use these freebies for personal and non-commercial purposes only. For commercial purposes you need to request for the commercial license.

Can I offer your freebies for download on my blog/site?
Yes, if you directly link it to its page URL on the Freebies Gallery. However, you cannot link it directly to its zip file. Nor can you repackage the resource in your own zip file.

Can I use your freebies in any client project?
Yes, you can. No credits required.

Can I sell your freebies at any platform?
No. You cannot sell these resources, in any format, without our prior permission. You cannot, explicitly or implicitly, claim or pretend to be the owner of these resources.

Can I code your resources into HTML and CSS templates?
Once in a while, it could be OK. But converting all resources into new formats without prior permission is not allowed.

Will you be liable for any loss that may come from using your resources?
No. You can use these resources to seek inspiration, or modify them to suit your unique requirements. But we are not liable for any loss whatsoever emanating from the use of the information and/or resources on this website.

I have a question not included in these FAQs?
You can write to us at info@freebiesgallery.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.