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Google Talk Concept Design PSD

Now I don’t claim to be better than Google designers. But, hey, nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation with concept designs. So here I am with a concept design of the Google Talk software.


Ticket Template

Today’s freebie is a ticket template PSD. Like many of the other PSD templates I have shared, this ticket template has a very basic design. You can add color to the design and modify the template to suit your particular requirements.


Transparent Business Card Template

I have shared two business card templates with you in the past. This is the third business card template I’m sharing with you today. This card is different than the old card templates in not only its design but also the final output it is intended for.


Contact Form

A few months ago, I shared with you Contact Form Template and Feedback Form Template. Today, I bring you another beautiful contact form template psd file that has a notepad sort of feel. Hope you will like it.


Windows-Style Mobile Dashboard

This is a Windows-style dashboard template, which can be used for iPhone, Android, and of course, Windows Phone app development. I find Windows-style apps very beautiful and interactive, and I would love to share this Windows-style dashboard template psd file that I have created.


Free Admin Template PSD

Today’s freebie is a WordPress-style admin template. The admin template provides you a dashboard that you can use to manage and run your web application. The easier it is to use an admin template, the better experience it offers its users.


Mail iOS Icon Template

Keeping in view all these sentiments attached with the blue and red combination I thought to design a mail iOS Icon template which would reflect some of your old memories as well as emotions and warmth of a postcard received through mail services. Get it downloaded and add this differentiating mail iOS Icon to your app design.


Vintage Stickers

Last week, I had shared with you a simple sticker template and today I have come up with a set of vintage stickers. I hope you will find these vintage stickers template helpful. Happy Designing!


Double-Sided Business Card Template

Today’s freebie is a double-sided business card template that has an elegant black background and a creative concept. This double-sided business card template has been designed in Adobe Illustrator. And, of course, you can modify the design according to your taste and requirements.