Category: Templates


Dashboard UI Design

Today’s freebie is a Dashboard UI Design that can be used for your next web application. It has a multi-level navigation and a beautiful layout. I hope you’d find it a useful and cool Dashboard UI Design.


Pencil Template

You are working on a project where you need to add a pencil? Here I am sharing with you a pencil template that can be easily modify using Photoshop. Hope you’d find this pencil template useful and attractive for your design. Let’s download the psd file.


Email Newsletter Template

I have designed this email newsletter template by keeping in mind the most common requirements. I have also tried to give this design a simple, clean, and elegant look. Download this free email newsletter template and feel free to create your own newsletter templates.


Stay Tuned – Website Coming Soon

Yesterday I shared with you a Website Under Construction template and today I have come up with another beautiful and modern website coming soon template. It has a simple and clean design with an elegant background and sign up form. Hope you’d like it. Stay tuned!


Website Under Construction

I’m sure you know what ‘Website under construction’ or ‘Website launching soon’ signs are used for. I’m sharing two ‘website under construction’ design PSDs in this post. The main difference between the two design ideas is their color scheme and the background.


Timeline PSD

This timeline PSD identifies a few milestones in my life. You can certainly modify this timeline freebie to convey a new story. This could be a story of a person, a place, or any other narrative you want to portray in the framework of time.


Modal Box

Today’s freebie is a modal window. This is a confirmation message window with a title bar at the top and a ‘question statement’ in the middle. The two buttons, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, in the lower half of the modal window have colored backgrounds with the text in white. Hope you’d like this modal box freebie.


Upload File

Today’s freebie is an upload file modal window that can be used for upload file feature on any website. The modal window not only shows the in-progress file uploads but also the previously uploaded files.


Video Player Template

A few month ago, I had shared with you video player for websites and music player. Today I bring you another beautiful video player template. It has all the common features of any video player.


Browser Design

I’m going to share with you today a web browser design freebie. This web browser design PSD has a simple, clean, and minimal look and feel. At the top of the PSD are a few open tabs. To the right of the top bar you can see some conventional browser function icons. Under the top bar you have an address bar and back, forward, and refresh keys.