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Notification Bar – Web Elements

Here I bring you another exciting freebie of notification bar psd. While working on web application designers need such notification bar on different user behaviors. Let’s put above notification bar design to your web app and bring some excitement.


Newsletter Sign Up Form

You may have seen different websites that have a newsletter sign up form. It asks you for your email address to add you to their database so that they can send you latest updates and happenings around their domain. So, today I have come up with a newsletter sign up form design and template for such websites.


Registration Form Template

My previous post was a sign up form template which was a three steps sign up form. Today’s post is another version of sign up or registration form template in which you have a set of registration fields with icons and notifications design.


Sign Up Form Template

While designing and developing website you can’t overlook the sign up form or registration form. Today’s freebie is a sign up form template which has a unique steps design as well. As you know it could be also used as a registration form template.