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Browser Design

I’m going to share with you today a web browser design freebie. This web browser design PSD has a simple, clean, and minimal look and feel. At the top of the PSD are a few open tabs. To the right of the top bar you can see some conventional browser function icons. Under the top bar you have an address bar and back, forward, and refresh keys.


Admin Panel Template (HTML Version)

You may remember that I had shared with you this admin panel template in psd format. Today, I bring you this template in HTML/CSS. Hope you will find it useful and functional for your project. Happy Downloading!


Free Photo Editor (PSD)

This is a simple photo editor PSD. A few buttons/icons at the top along the horizontal axis, and a few down the vertical axis along the left margin. A couple of icons are in selected or active state. One of them along the left margin also shows its submenu. There is a canvass mode button and a status bar at the bottom of the PSD.



Today’s freebie is a breadcrumbs PSD file. This freebie features an iconic homepage and a stylized current page breadcrumb. A breadcrumb trail or breadcrumbs provide users information about the current page and enable them to navigate the website pages easily.