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Rope Texture

Today’s post is a collection of rope texture. These are different type of seven rope textures which will full-fill your design needs. As a designer I feel by using these rope textures you will save a lot of your time and find them useful. Happy Texturing!


Subtle Textures

I shared a few fabric patterns with you a while back. These textures are also similar to that. However, the focus of this post is website background textures. In this post, I bring you ten subtle textures for website backgrounds. Using these textures will lend an elegance to your website and make it stand out.


Leather Texture

Nowadays designers are using leather texture in their designs and it has become a kind of design trend. I have observed that mostly its being used in web and mobile app designs. So, today i am here with leather texture pack that you can use and add leather feel to your design objects.