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Vector Preloader

Vector Preloader

In our freebie of the day today, we’ll be sharing some awesome vector preloaders with you! Now you don’t have to make people wait and while away the seconds and minutes while they’re waiting for a file or website to load with boring loading icons or waiting or landing pages!


Dark Progress Bar

A few weeks ago, I had shared with you Progress Bar and Circular Progress Bar. Today, I have come up with a dark progress bar design. It has an elegant, minimal dark design that will definitely add value to your design.


Circular Progress Bar

You may remember that I had shared with you progress bar template a couple of weeks ago. Today I bring you another type of progress bar that is know as circular progress bar.


Progress Bar

There are several times when designers need to put progress bar in their projects. So, today I am here with a progress bar template that will fulfill your need of such design elements.