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Chalkboard PSD

Chalkboard PSD

Hi folks, today I bring you an inspiring chalkboard PSD template that can be used in your upcoming projects. I created this template by using Photoshop vector shapes, wood and chalkboard textures. You can easily modify or play around with it by downloading the PSD file.


Pencil Template

You are working on a project where you need to add a pencil? Here I am sharing with you a pencil template that can be easily modify using Photoshop. Hope you’d find this pencil template useful and attractive for your design. Let’s download the psd file.


Circular Menu (PSD)

Today I’m going to share a beautiful circular menu psd template. It has an elegant and modern navigation design that can be used on iPhone, iPad or any Android app. You can download this circular menu psd file and edit it as per your requirement.


Page Curl

Today’s freebie is a beautiful page curl PSD file. As you know such UI elements have long been used in designs. You can make any changes to this page curl by using the PSD file. Hope you’d find it useful.



Another beautiful freebie for today is a bookshelf PSD file. As a designer I know it would be useful for other designers and will save a lot of their time. Hope you’d find this bookshelf design modern and beautiful. Happy Downloading!


Ticket Template

Today’s freebie is a ticket template PSD. Like many of the other PSD templates I have shared, this ticket template has a very basic design. You can add color to the design and modify the template to suit your particular requirements.


Simple Ribbons

Nowadays ribbons are very much being used in websites, banners, posters and other promotional items. It has become a kind of trend and designers use them to give importance to a specific design portion by using ribbons. So, here I am sharing a simple set of ribbons that can be used anywhere you want.


Volume (PSD)

Today, I have come up with a simple and clean volume knob psd file. You can customize any of the element using layers style. I hope it will be useful for your design needs and you would love to share it with other designers too.


Binder Rings

You are working on a design where you want to add a binder ring? I have seen that nowadays designers are using different sort of binder rings in their designs and today i have come up with a binder rings psd template.


Treasure Box

Hello Friends, Today I have come up with a treasure box template that has a look and feel of wooden treasure box. This wood treasure box can be used for promotional advertisements, bundle offers, jackpots or any where you want it to be.