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Vector Flat iDevices

Vector Flat iDevices and GIF Animations

This is a set of 4 Vector Flat Devices desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Each device comes with a GIF animation. The animation can be used like design element or simple like a preloader in a website or app. You can edit the appearance or animation with the Timeline tool in Photoshop.

Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Presenting you a classic Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector as a freebie to take away! Available in a wireframe, and two simple colour design schemes, one in black, the other in white, this phone vector will make all your design work for the Google Nexus 7 phone as easy as apple pie!

iPhone 5 Levitation Mockup PSD

iPhone 5 Levitation Mockup PSD

Hey there ! Here’s a quick iPhone render I made. The angle is not optimal but it’s for you folks who design in landscape. You can dynamically edit the screen & background color. The mockup psd template is free there is no no license involved. Enjoy!

iPhone, iPad, iMac Mockup Templates

iPhone, iPad and iMac Mockup Templates

Since I’m a nice guy, I thought it would be good to give you, something cool out of this. So I made these desk templates of an iMac, an iPad and an iPhone alone, plus one with both three. The screens are standalone editable psd files, and are displayed in the templates as linked dynamic objects, that awesome new feature from Photoshop CC.

iPhone 5 3D Mockup Template

iPhone 5 3D Mockup Template

My version of what I think should be a good 3D render of your artwork. Nice perspective angle really taking advantage of your work with limited deformation, Complete : both black & white models, Easy to use : simply change the color background & screen design, High precision color background, HD : 1920x1200px and free psd attached, no license, just do what you want with it !

Macbook pro mockup template free psd

Macbook Pro Mockup Template

Simple, sleek and beautiful – those are the basic qualities of a macbook pro, so we thought of sharing this wonderful macbook pro mockup as our freebie of the day. Mockup templates such as these are great if you have design work to showcase for potential clients and to show users how your website or service will look like on a macbook pro.


Book Template PSD

I was really impressed this morning when I saw Drew Wilson’s book template. I made a book once (a real one), square sized. So I decided to make my own! With this .psd, you can still quickly change the color of the cover, and add your own cover really easily with smart objects. Shadows have been revisited, layers are clean and pages are slightly different.

iPhone 5C Mockup Templates

Flat iPhone 5C Mockup Template

We have already shared a with you Flat iPhone 5S Psd Vector Mockup. Keeping in view the different look of iPhone 5c, we decided to design another flat iPhone 5c mockup template PSD for the designers out there. The distinctive 5C borders are easily recognizable.

Flat iPhone 5s Mockup

Flat iPhone 5S Psd Vector Mockup

So, the new iPhone 5S is finally out in the market and I know all you designers will be busy trying to think of new and interesting ways to showcase some work relevant to the new iPhone. Perhaps, it’s an application that you have designed for the iPhone, a new game, or you want to create a mockup for an ad.