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Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Presenting you a classic Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector as a freebie to take away! Available in a wireframe, and two simple colour design schemes, one in black, the other in white, this phone vector will make all your design work for the Google Nexus 7 phone as easy as apple pie!

ios 7 icons

Free iOS 7 Icons

With Apple’s new iOS 7 finally out in the market, and everyone going gaga over it, we thought why not share some iOS 7 icons for free with you all? We know how much people have loved the new iOS and its sleek and sophisticated design is definitely the best of what we expect from Apple and all its products.


Flat iOS7 Navigation

You may know that latest iOS7 has a flat design look & feel so I thought to share with you a flat navigation design that can be incorporated in your upcoming apps. This flat iOS7 navigation design has a simple colored bar with iconic buttons.