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Summer Vector Icons

35 Summer Vector Icons

Have you noticed? It’s summeeeer! Our friends at Vecteezy noticed and came up with a sturdy freebie to make those bright days even brighter: 35 Summer Vector Icons.

Free Flat Icons

110 Free Flat Icons for Webmasters

This package of icons contains two sets of flat design-style icons (one with circles circumscribing the icons, and one without). Each set contains a wide variety of general use icons for web masters, suitable for site design, blogs, social media, and multimedia uses.

Free Vector eCommerce Icons

Vector eCommerce Icons

This pack contains 15 free outlined vector icons for ecommerce and shopping. These scalable vectors include online store related icons such as money, a store front, shopping bag and cart, sale tag, barcode and cash register.

Adobe Creative Suite Icons

Adobe Creative Suite Icons

If you are in need of some inspiration, or perhaps bored of your existing Adobe icons, have a look at these beautiful Adobe Creative Suite Icons based on 100 px x 100 px .psd & .png files Included.

Folders Icon PSD

Folders Icon

In today’s freebie we’re giving away a simple set of 8 folders icon. Designed simplistically, yet with the function in mind, they come in four different colours (plain, red, blue and orange) and a different symbol on them in every set.

Glyph Icons

Outline Icons

Its a set of two different outline icons pack that is precisely created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation. These free icons are designed primarily for toolbars or navigation bars in OS X, the applications for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

5'O Clock Shades Freebie

5 O’clock Shades

Today we have a special freebie from PixelKit team. This is the amazing icon set 5 O’clock Shades. The freebie includes a PSD file with 16 iOS app style icons.

Free Outline Icons Set

150+ Outline Vector Icons Pack

Today as our freebie of the day, we’re giving away 150+ outline vector icons for all your line icons design and artwork. You’ll never have to find another resource to search for vector icons once you see this set. Virtually every possible kind of vector has been made in an outline vector icon style, including speech bubbles, lines, grids, arrows, process arrows, play buttons, and numerous other icons.


Currency Symbols

Travel the world in currency mode by downloading these wonderful currency symbols vector. They cover almost all currencies of the world and this will prove to be a unique, handy freebie for your money, economy and business related design work.

Heart Vector

Heart Vector

Today as our freebie of the day, we’ll be giving away hearts! No, literally, hearts for free! No kidding! These cute little free heart vectors will make you smile and keep you warm these long winter months! Use them for all your holiday and greeting design purposes and make everyone near and far away remember you by with sweet memories with these free vectors.