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Call To Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons call upon the website visitor to perform certain tasks. For example, you can call upon your site visitors to make a purchase or download a file. Today’s freebies include a set of call-to-action buttons. Feel free to download and customize them by adding your own ‘call to action’ text layers.


3D Button

I have shared with you a few button designs since I started this blog. Today I bring you another button PSD template with all the layer styles. You can modify these layer styles according to your requirements.


Simple Buttons (PSD)

Today’s freebie is a a set of simple looking buttons, which can be used for web or mobile apps user interfaces. I have tried to keep the design simple and minimal. You can modify these buttons in any way you like – design, size, color, etc.


Electrical Switch and Socket PSD

Since electric switches and sockets are among the most frequently used electrical components, I decided to have a go at them. This post features their PSD templates that you can modify to design your own images.


Toggle Switches PSD

I’m posting a set of toggle switches in today’s post. I have tried to keep it simple, clean, and elegant. You can change the colors or effects on this PSD template so that the toggle switches fit in well with your UI design.


Dark Button

Today’s freebies is a dark button psd file that consists of normal and hover state. It has a simple, clean and elegant dark button feel that will add some beauty to your design. Hope you would love it!


Glossy Buttons

Today’s freebie is a set of glossy buttons. Every glossy button has its own unique, creative and different style. All of these buttons are layered in PSD file and using Photoshop you can easily modify any of them.


Web Buttons

This button freebie is the continuation of the previous button freebies, such as, Push Button, Toggle Button, Cool Web Buttons, Wood Button and Call To Action Download Button. I hope you’d like this button psd as much as you liked the previous buttons.


Push Button

Today, I have come up with a beautiful push button. These type of push buttons usually works as a switch and you might have seen such push button switch designs before but not similar to this one.


Wood Button

A few days back, i have shared with you Cool Web Buttons and Call To Action Download Button. Today i have come up with another beautiful wood button with wood texture. All elements are layered in the psd file you can download and make your own wood web buttons.