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resume template Resume Template

A few weeks ago, I had shared with you a One Page Resume Template. Today, I bring you another exciting free resume template that will hopefully make your professional life a lot easier.

Just download the resume template and edit the information to suit your requirements. Of course, you can change the section names and details.

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Asif Aleem

A designer, blogger and entrepreneur. Founded online communities including The Design Work, Freebies Gallery, Creative Stall & Browse Ideas. Self-motivated and innovative individual with over 9 years of experience. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Dribbble.

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34 Responses

  1. That template looks amazing :D

  2. Milan Stosic says:

    Wow! This resume template is really something different – it’s more creative :)

  3. This is really impressive. You are very talented. This is one of the best resume templates I came across. Well done.

  4. darlene says:

    Hi Asif
    Fantastic. Great creativity. Unfortunately I cannot download because it is a zip and right now I have no $$$. Is there another way I can download, please?

  5. zaam says:

    awesome work dude…..

  6. Rebecca Clarke says:

    Dear Asif

    I would love to download the Resume, it is just what I’m looking for but am unable to. Could you please also send it to me manually?

    Thank you so much – Rebecca

  7. bhavik says:

    hey Asif. i like ur resume style but can u make different style for engineer’s resume to me.if u can just send me to my email

  8. Nafisa says:

    Hi there, the format is amazing…Im not sure how to download it, is it editable in word, Please can you email it to me

  9. Rene says:

    It’s gorgeous, but I cannot open the zip file. Can you send it to me in another format, please?

  10. Mubarakcc7 says:

    That template looks amazing but how to download!!!? please share me download link

  11. dominic says:

    Hi such a clean cut look, Please could you send me this please dom.taylor”

  12. JainAlok says:

    give font also you use in this psd file font are missing there

  13. Abdullah Sauls says:

    Hi Asif

    Is it possible to send me the template in a different format. Really like it.


  14. Hello,
    Good morning
    That Template looks amazing ,You are very talented.Can you Please Send me other idea…
    Thank you and I am looking forward for your kind consideration.

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