Freebies Gallery

Photoshop Styles

Photoshop Styles

Create astonishing layer effects with a simple click of a button by utilizing this extensive library of design ready layer styles and effects. It includes 80+ photoshop layer styles for beginner and expert designers.

Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric patterns, inspired by the low-poly look, have become a growing trend in that last couple months. They can be used for website backgrounds, illustrations and posters. They provide a great way to break away from the standard flat design backgrounds to something more abstract.

Vector Flat iDevices

Vector Flat iDevices and GIF Animations

This is a set of 4 Vector Flat Devices desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Each device comes with a GIF animation. The animation can be used like design element or simple like a preloader in a website or app. You can edit the appearance or animation with the Timeline tool in Photoshop.

Free Corporate Web Template

Free Corporate Website Template

We thought of bringing you a great resource with this wonderful free corporate website template. Set in a beautiful, grey, black, white and blue colour theme, this template has just the right amount of sophisticated class you are after for a business or corporate website.

Bar Graph Template

Bar Graph Template

If you’re looking for a bar graph template, we have just the right thing for you and something more! We’re giving you a set of two graph templates to choose from for all your statistical data presentation.

Free Rounded Buttons PSD

Rounded Buttons

Looking for free web buttons? Download this free set of awesome rounded buttons that come in a variety of bright, different colours. Rounded buttons look great in flat UI designs which are all the rage nowadays. So start your web designs with these lively little web buttons, that come in dark blue, green, red, light blue, black and white with an idea of how you could present your text on them in a different colour.

Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector

Presenting you a classic Google Nexus 7 Phone Vector as a freebie to take away! Available in a wireframe, and two simple colour design schemes, one in black, the other in white, this phone vector will make all your design work for the Google Nexus 7 phone as easy as apple pie!

Folders Icon PSD

Folders Icon

In today’s freebie we’re giving away a simple set of 8 folders icon. Designed simplistically, yet with the function in mind, they come in four different colours (plain, red, blue and orange) and a different symbol on them in every set.

eCommerce Vector Icons

eCommerce Icons

In today’s freebie of the day we are bringing you a set of eCommerce icons that you can use for all your eCommerce websites, design work and related printing. People can buy, sell, view, favourite and keep a lookout for the latest trends in the ecommerce industry and with these ecommerce icon set, you can help them to do just that.