Freebies Gallery


One Page Resume Template

Today’s freebie is a one page resume template with most commonly used information of any resume template. It has a beautiful bar graph for your skills and an eye-catching pie-chart of work experiences. I have tried to make it as simple and minimal as this resume design allowed me.


Admin Panel Template

Today’s freebie is an Admin panel template. This PSD file is fully layered and customizable. I have made a special effort to ensure the maximum user-friendliness. The GUI has a rich design and interactive layout including an iconic sidebar with textual help (tool-tips) and a notification bar.


Price Range Slider

Today i bring you a free psd template of price range slider that has a simple and clean UI design. It has a beautiful graphical representation of selected price in the tool tip and different price range bar colors.


Cool Icon Button Psd

Today’s freebie is a cool icon button psd that has a three different button states with icons and labels. It has a sleek and clean design that catches user’s attention towards it. You can download and use it for mobile design or as web buttons.


Registration Form Template

My previous post was a sign up form template which was a three steps sign up form. Today’s post is another version of sign up or registration form template in which you have a set of registration fields with icons and notifications design.


Sign Up Form Template

While designing and developing website you can’t overlook the sign up form or registration form. Today’s freebie is a sign up form template which has a unique steps design as well. As you know it could be also used as a registration form template.


App Icon Template

As you know every app has its own launcher icon and designers have to create an app icon for any app they are working on. In today’s post we have tried to make their life a bit easier by sharing this amazing app icon template that is available in the psd file.