Category: Navigation


Responsive Website Navigation

The freebie I’m sharing today is a responsive website navigation. I have placed the website navigation and mobile navigation side by side. As a designer you should be able to imagine how a website navigation will appear on different platforms.


Website Menu

Today’s freebie is a website menu template that consists a normal and selected states. These website menu styles can be used in your project as per your requirement. I hope you’d like this menu template and share your comments.


Web Page Menu

Yesterday, I had shared with you Website Navigation Bar and today I bring you a web page menu psd file. It has a simple and clean design with iconic menu items. You can use this web page menu in any kind of web project. As always all elements are layered and easily modifiable. Happy Designing!


Website Navigation Bar

Today’s freebie is a vertical website navigation bar. It has beautiful iconic style buttons and a notification bubble. Based on your requirements, you can further improve or modify this website navigation bar. For example, you can replace the current buttons, or add more buttons on the lower half of this bar.


Action Bar (PSD)

Today’s freebie is a mobile app action bar template. It has an elegant and beautiful buttons style with 3d layered action bar background. I hope you will find it different and love to use in your design.



Today’s freebie is a breadcrumbs PSD file. This freebie features an iconic homepage and a stylized current page breadcrumb. A breadcrumb trail or breadcrumbs provide users information about the current page and enable them to navigate the website pages easily.


Admin Bar (PSD)

A few months earlier, I had shared with you admin panel template and today I bring you an admin bar psd template. It has a beautiful iconic navigation, search bar and logout button. This admin bar can be used on your web application design or any where you want it to be.


Dropdown Menu Template

Today i have come up with a web menu template that has all of web pages in a single dropdown menu. It has a good dropdown menu design that includes icons, title and a short description. I hope you would like this menu template and feel great while adding it to your web page menu templates bucket.



If you are looking for a pagination psd template, you’re in luck today. In this post I bring you two different pagination examples. You can use the pagination psd to create your own pagination template.