Menu Template

Menu Template

Hello there designers! As our freebie of the day, we’ll be sharing with you a great, neat looking menu design template. This free menu template is neat, sophisticated and would look great for all your web projects.

This menu template shows users the first option of the menu, while they are in the file option. The other options in tabular form which the users can opt from later, are seen in the background as Edit, View, Insert, Format, Window and Help. So in short, it gives a lot of options for users to choose from later. What we like best in this menu template is its clean look and appearance and clear text and small icons. While in the file tab, users will see the options of New, Open, Recent Documents, Save, Save As, Export, Print and Exit, and is highlighting the options of website map, client brief, web design requirements, meta information, usability fixes as examples of Recent Documents.

Download this free menu template today!


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