iOS 7 UI Kit Actions


iOS 7 UI Kit Actions iOS 7 UI Kit Actions

Maybe you guys are familiar with Photoshop Actions. If you don’t know jack about it, I suggest you get informed on this feature, because I think it’s the future of automation in graphic design.

You’ve probably seen many iOS 7 UI Kits. But this one is slightly different, as there is no psd file involved. All you need (apart from love) is this little 1.4 MB .atn file that creates entire default look iPhone mockups for your wireframes, design mockups (use it with care) or just quick ideas.

For more information on this, please check the demo video and the included user manual pdf.

This is v1.0, so please guys, be cool and don’t hesitate to make improvement suggestions. Here are the exhaustive available actions at the moment:

  • New Mockup Document
  • Reset Guides
  • Move 88px up
  • Move 88px down
  • Navigation & Status Bar
  • Status Bar | black & white
  • Safari Header | Collapsed & Expanded
  • Table Row 88px & 192px | Editable & Dynamic
  • Table Row repeatable stack | Simple
  • Offset and Gap
  • Table Row auto-positions
  • System Alert
  • Action Sheet
  • Keyboard default & dark
  • Segmented Control | 2 & 3 Tabs
  • Search Bar
  • Section Header
  • Tab Bar
  • Description
  • Switch | On & Off
  • Slider
  • Side Alphabet
  • Maps Pinpoint
  • Page Control
  • New Icon Artwork file
  • Icon Template | Linked & Embeded Dynamic Object
  • Icon Export | Rounded & Squared

As always, it’s free. I hope you guys’ll love it icon wink iOS 7 UI Kit Actions

Big thanks to MadSquare!

Demo Video


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