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Website Notification Bar

Website Notification Bar

You may remember a few weeks ago I shared with you a Notification Bar PSD template. Today I have come up with another website notification bar template. It has a 3d look and feel including iconic representation for the notification type. No colour constraints, you can use it on a light or dark background.

Social Media Bar

Social Media Bar

You are working on a website where you want to put a social media bar. Here I’m sharing an idea with you that may help you in your web design. It features simple and clean social media bar where on mouse over it can display the color of related social media website.

Shopping Cart Widget (PSD)

Shopping Cart Widget

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a Shopping Cart Modal Window PSD. Today I bring you another beautiful graphical user interface of a shopping cart widget. It has a very simple and clean design with most common elements of any shopping cart widget.

Chat Messages

Chat Messages

You must have seen chat bubbles on both iOS and Android devices. So I thought why not design a chat messages psd that could be embedded into any text conversation design.

Upload PSD

Upload PSD

Today I bring you another upload modal window psd. It includes all most commonly used features with a beautiful user interface. Hope you will find this upload psd useful and attractive for your design.


Notepad UI Design

A few weeks ago, you may remember I had shared with you a notepad template. Today I bring you another notepad template that has a beautiful user interface design. By downloading the psd file you can change the look and feel as per your design taste.


Music Player Widget

Looking for a music player widget? This post features two music player widget templates. Download the PSD and play some new design tunes.


App Steps

Today’s freebie is an iOS app steps design. The featured freebie is a four-step design. The completed step has a green shade. The step the user is on is blue, while the incomplete steps are white.



Few weeks ago, I shared with you Text Box Styles. Today I bring you another freebie of textbox with three different styles. You can download the psd file and use any of them as per your requirement. Hope you’d like it.


Horizontal Navigation Menus

Today I bring you another beautiful and modern freebie of a horizontal navigation menus. It has two different style options and you can use anyone of your choice. Using these horizontal navigation menus you could add beauty to your UI design and I hope you’d like it.