Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With


We live in a world where every day is a brand new day in Consumer Society. We scout all available venues for the products that we want, and buy them. The Internet is not an exception. On the contrary, more and more online stores are making an entrance on the market.

So, when you have to build websites for your vendor clients, how memorable do you really want them to be? It all comes down to the theme you choose. Hence, I decided to write about 15 WooCommerce themes that I really enjoyed working with.


bi shop Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Number one on my list is Bi-Shop. I chose to use it loads of times, and always came up with fantastic-looking shops that my clients really appreciated. It complements every niche that you can fathom, no matter the products your client happens to sell. And even more importantly, it’s stacked with many valuable features for e-commerce that aren’t difficult to comprehend.

Bi-Shop is based on a strong framework, and it allows designers to strike up as many unique layouts as they can, in a very short period of time. There are 8 distinct skins and graphic styles at your disposal and the visual composer + demo importer help you conceive wonderful designs in no-time. What’s more, this theme includes engaging CSS3 and beautiful jQuery effects, on top of the fact that you can use infinite Parallax for your projects, and also work with an exclusive collection of sliders.


clickboutique Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Go for ClickBoutique the next time you’re asked to create an online fashion store. This theme will enable you to set up Parallax banners and multistep checkout. Other useful feats include product zooming and flipping, which allow customers to get the fullest account of an item, before they purchase it.


papirus Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

If you ever have to set up the website for a bookstore or schools shop, choose Papirus. It has a gift of making product pages seem cluster-free, and it gives you the choice of settling with a home page template, or operating the drag-and-drop visual composer to fashion a unique one.


flatshop Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

I would like to introduce you to Flatshop, a universal WooCommerce-ready theme from Themify which you can depend on for whatever occasion. The frontend drag-and-drop builder is a pleasure to work with, and you can use it to move modules while previewing the way they look in real time.

Go ahead and create as many singular layouts for web stores as you need to, knowing that there are 4 different ways of customizing each existing one. Flatshop will also give visitors an enjoyable UX, especially if you include fly-in animations and parallax scrolling backgrounds. User experience on the whole is also boosted by customers being able to check product specifications very easily, and then add it to cart swiftly dues to AJAX technology.


sunglasses Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

I know just the right theme if you ever have to create an online shop that sells sunglasses. TemplateMonster gives you the most delicious recipe for a job well done: classy slider images, banners with zooming effect, and when people hover over the product images – short descriptions and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons. You may also want to include content buttons such as ‘On Sale’ or ‘About Store’ on the main page, because they’d really stand out against the dark background.

I’ve got some interesting news for you. If you move quickly, you can get the theme SunGlasses from TemplateMoster at half the price! Just be sure to acquire it before the 22nd of September, and type in the coupon code WOO as you’re checking out.


shopsy Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Meet one of my all-time favorites, a dashing little theme named Shopsy. It has a rich collection of awesome-looking animations that I bid you to incorporate in the making of your web stores, because they are bound to draw in an army of customers.

Incidentally, Shopsy is built on solid Bootstrap 3.0, and is complete with tons of built-in icons, which are placed at your disposal thanks to Font-Awesome 4. If it’s the first time you’re using this theme, then you will discover shortly that the drag-and-drop functionality fits like a glove, and will have no issues building an unlimited number of templates and page-blocks.


watches Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Keep this in mind if you’re ever approached by a client who wants you to set up an online venue for selling watches: a special theme from Crocoblock covers this high-end segment of the market, and receives top marks from me. Watches theme emanates elegance and luxury from every pixel. The deluxe slider is ideal for showcasing these symbols of wealth, and you can use either of three transition effects to draw attention to the products.

Now I come to think of it, you have every reason to buy themes from Crocoblock, because each one includes 91 templates for $55.


munditia Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Munditia is one of the most polyvalent themes that I’ve ever worked with. I remember being particularly fond of finding the Revolution Slider with this theme, the Premium plugin for WordPress websites, which has a cumulated value of $15 or so. I also recall being very proud of the product slideshows that I put together using this slider. What’s more, the Admin Panel will let you activate or deactivate UX-relevant functions such as Wishlists, Zooming in, and AJAX add to cart.


willowpillow Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Check out Willowpillow, a great theme for interior design and furniture retailers. Its technical specifications are very satisfying, seeing as Willowpilllow is built on Bootstrap 3, and based on SEO-optimized, HTML5 and CSS3 code. And, designers will adore the fact that they can see what changes look like, through the real time preview customizer.


saria Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Saria Shop will present you with the perfect settings in which to put together a flat and highly responsive website for stores that deals in medical equipment, or in other types of machines. This theme also lays all available PSD, LESS, and HTML files at your disposal, just in case you want to customize it even further.


sellegance Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

I would also like to call your attention to Sellegance. You may enjoy working with this gorgeous-looking theme sometime in the future, if you haven’t done so yet. The user interface is friendly through and through, and you will feel at ease working with it to establish multicolumn menus, with images and colorful tags.


activewear Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Activewear will bring out the best in any apparel store. Use it with confidence whenever you’re absorbed in such a project. A total number of 12 home page layouts is available, not to mention that users are at liberty to turn their attention to any of the flexible shortcodes, and so customize their web store as they see fit.


faceart Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Looking for the perfect theme in case your services are contracted by spa services or even beauty stores? Fret not, as FaceArt is an ideal WooCommerce theme for that particular niche. You will be able to fashion a unique home page, as well as customize sub-pages however you feel like.


oxygen Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Oxygen is gathering popularity at a fast pace, being a multi-purpose theme that is design specifically for WooCommerce sites. Users can take their pick between 4 header types, as well as count on the visual composer to help them craft unique page layouts. Besides, the revolution slider is certain to make impressive product presentations.


venedor Great WooCommerce Themes to Build Online Shops With

Venedor is another go-to theme for WooCommerce websites, especially for those stores that sell lighting equipment or indoor furniture. It includes a number of 10 skins and layouts, along with an astute visual composer you can use to build 100% responsive pages with. Venedor’s admin panel as a whole is very complete, and easy to navigate.

Did you like my list of 15 themes for WooCommerce websites? The items described above are, to the best of my knowledge, the most wholesome and satisfying ones of 2014, so far. Have you tried any of them yet? If not, I’m sure that you’ll get the opportunity to do so in the proximate future.

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