Where to Find Free Website Templates


This article is mainly aimed at web designers, developers and other creative minds who know the value of time, because we’ll explain where to find free website templates for different types of sites.

But first, let us tell you a few words about website templates and why you may need them. Actually, a website template is a ready-to-use web page design. it’s a set of files you can use it to build a new website or update your current one. There is a great variety of templates, including WordPress templates, Joomla templates and others.

Each template comes with default content (texts, images and graphics). So basically what you have to do to turn a template into your perfect site is to install the template and replace the default content with your own one. Of course, if you want to make some other changes like adding your logo, changing the color scheme or installing plugins you can also make them.

A template is usually easy to customize. By the way, you can either customize the template yourself or ask a professional designer to do this for you, but even if you choose the second way, it’s still much cheaper to pay for a template customization than to pay for a custom designed website.

And now when you know what to expect from templates, it’s time to know where to get them.

If you’re looking for free website templates, we recommend that you visit the official blog of TemplateMonster. The TemplateMonster team is mostly known for their premium templates, but they also offer a huge range of free templates, including free HTML5 templates, free WordPress themes, free Joomla templates and others. Many of these free templates are responsive; some of them were built using jQuery or Bootstrap. And of course, each template is created for a special purpose. By this we mean that each template falls into a certain category, such as Hosting, Travel, Sport, Business, Health, Fashion, etc. So whether you need a template for your personal blog, corporate site, portfolio site or any other project, you can find it here.

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