Category: Forms



Few weeks ago, I shared with you Text Box Styles. Today I bring you another freebie of textbox with three different styles. You can download the psd file and use any of them as per your requirement. Hope you’d like it.



Today’s freebie is a beautiful and modern slider psd file. It can be used in web forms, mobile applications or anywhere you want it to be. I hope you’d like to download the psd file that has all the elements layered in that.


UI Kit

Working on a design project and looking for a free UI kit? You just got lucky because today I am sharing with you a free UI kit with all the commonly used UI elements. Hope you’d like it.


Toggle Buttons

Today’s freebie is a set of toggle buttons. Each toggle button has its style, color, and design elements. I hope you’d like them and share with your fellow designers.


Contact Form

A few months ago, I shared with you Contact Form Template and Feedback Form Template. Today, I bring you another beautiful contact form template psd file that has a notepad sort of feel. Hope you will like it.


Clean UI Kit

Web application user interfaces include elements and data input fields like text boxes, buttons, drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, toggle buttons, pagination etc.


Text Box Styles

Today’s freebie is a set of text box styles that can be used in web or mobile applications. Each text box style has an elegant, clean and modern design which will add beauty to your forms. I hope you will find this psd file useful and helping like previous freebies.


Registration Form

You may remember that I had shared with you a registration form template a few months back. Today, once again I have come up with an another exciting free registration form template that has an elegant design of web form with notification messages. You can use this registration form as a sign up form template too.


Date Picker

Today’s freebie is a contribution to latest web trends or web elements. It’s a date picker psd that has a new form of picking a date. Of course you can download and put it into your web form. Let’s share a new user experience with your audience.