Flat Rainbow Polaroid


photo camera polaroid Flat Rainbow Polaroid

This resource has been created for an “how-to” tutorial on Pupixel Blog. You can find complete tutorial just here.

This tutorial explains how to design complex vector shapes without Bezier pen tool. The Flat Rainbow Polaroid is a fully editable, layered vector. You can change colors, add or remove details, and edit any part of the object.

You can use this freebie for both personal an commercial purpose. Feel free to use it in your projects and modify it in according to your style and your mood.


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Giovanna Mastrocola

I'm an italian, passionate web designer & front-end developer. I manage a creative studio with my boyfriend, Alessandro, a great web developer. I love flat design, good typography and all good design. I collect fonts and graphic resource, both freebies and premium. In my spare time (a little) I enjoy blogging about web design and I like to improve my skills.

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3 Responses

  1. Shawn Rubel says:

    Nice, not exactly what I was looking for, but I’ll take anything FLAT related :)

  2. Sü Smith says:

    Thanks for the great resource!

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