Flash or HTML5: what it means for gaming on the internet


When Apple, the company behind such hugely successful and iconic mobile devices as the iPad and iPhone, made the decision that it would not support the Flash multimedia platform developed by Adobe on any of its devices, it brought to an end a long working partnership between the two companies, and many observers also thought that it would bring to an end any chance of Apple dominating the mobile device market. After all, at that time there seemed little alternative to Flash Player – which held around 98 percent of the market – and this seemed to put Apple in an impossible position; especially when it came to the lucrative gaming market.

However, since then, the technology that Apple put its faith in instead of Flash Player – HTML5 has made significant strides forward; suggesting that it may not have been quite the suicidal move that it seemed at the time for Steve Jobs and co. True, at the moment, Flash Player still dominates the gaming market, but this is in large part down to the fact that there are simply more games compatible with Flash available – a lot more. Obviously this will make it the more appealing choice for many gamers just now, simply on the grounds of greater options, but it has also been around a lot longer and HTML5 is likely to catch up in terms of quantity.

HTML5 also offers significant advantages for gaming which could well see it become the primary choice – especially when it comes to areas of this market like online casino sites. To begin with, it allows these sites to host multimedia options like graphics, animation and video on the site itself, rather than requiring users to download an external platform such as Flash. As well as ensuring that there are fewer barriers to entry for users, this native hosting of the media is likely to make it a more stable option than Flash, which has a tendency to crash. Thus HTML5 should be both easier to use and also lead to a more stable gaming experience when visiting sites like riverbelle online casino.

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