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Dark Website Backgrounds

Today I bring you a list of dark website backgrounds. By using these dark website backgrounds you will feel the difference that how a website background can change the whole look and feel of the website. I hope you’d like these backgrounds and share them with your fellow designers. Enjoy!


Subtle Textures

I shared a few fabric patterns with you a while back. These textures are also similar to that. However, the focus of this post is website background textures. In this post, I bring you ten subtle textures for website backgrounds. Using these textures will lend an elegance to your website and make it stand out.


Fabric Patterns

When people talk about fabric patterns or patterned fabric in design industry they most of the time are referring to the web design patterns which are basically used as a background design in websites or while designing any object or web element.


Website Background Patterns – 2nd Pack

Sometimes website backgrounds are no less important than foregrounds. To tell you the truth, you can get away with small design flaws if you have a really good background covering the website screen. This is because a website background provides the environment or surroundings in which a website is presented to its audience.


Website Background Patterns

Today’s freebie is a set of website background patterns. Website Pattern can be used not only with website background you can use it with objects and elements too that help designers to make things more attractive and stunning.