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Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric patterns, inspired by the low-poly look, have become a growing trend in that last couple months. They can be used for website backgrounds, illustrations and posters. They provide a great way to break away from the standard flat design backgrounds to something more abstract.

Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred Backgrounds

Early this month we brought you a set of 20 best high resolution blurred backgrounds. Encouraged by your positive feedback, you are hereby presented with another set of blurred backgrounds. So many hues floating and merging into each other just under a thin veil of creative secretiveness.

Free Mosaic Backgrounds

20 Free Mosaic Backgrounds

Let the magic of mosaic sweep you away with these free mosaic backgrounds! These high resolution free backgrounds with a soft blurred effect and pastel shades will make you think back on sweeter times and marvel at the simplicity and beauty of their designs.

Blurred Backgrounds

20 Free Blurred Backgrounds

If you’re looking for a good quality blurred background, you’ve come to just the right place! We are presenting you 20 best free blurred backgrounds in high resolution for all your design needs.

Paper Backgrounds

Paper Background

Get a feel of the fibrous old paper with today’s freebie of the day of these wonderful looking, classic old paper backgrounds. Paper backgrounds are great to work with since they really make you feel as if you are working with paper.

White Background

White Backgrounds

Explore the pristine beauty of white with these fantastic, breathtaking White Backgrounds. While white is a very soothing, spiritual, soul-cleansing color, some may find the power of white lies in its clean, untouched, stark contrast.

Blue Background

Blue Backgrounds

In this post I’m going to share with you some blue backgrounds I have created. You can use these backgrounds in your graphic or web designs. Time to dabble your artistic fingers in some blue. If you are tempted, don’t be afraid of creating a splash.


Red Backgrounds

I have decided to take the plunge and go all red today. This post features some red backgrounds – bold and demure, loud and soft, in plain and in gradient. You have it all.

Purple Background

Purple Background

You might have seen purple backgrounds in modern and latest websites. It looks really great and we bring you a collection of purple backgrounds in today’s post. All of these backgrounds are in high resolution which will help you to use them wherever you want!

Light Blue Background

Light Blue Background

We thought to share with you a beautiful set of light blue background. This pack contains five high resolution light blue backgrounds that can be used in your web, mobile or print designs.