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Admin Panel Template 2 Admin Panel Template

There are countless web-based applications being coded and launched everyday. This huge interest in web applications is understandable considering the current commercialization of goods and services markets.

Today’s freebie is an Admin panel template. This PSD file is fully layered and customizable. I have made a special effort to ensure the maximum user-friendliness.

The GUI has a rich design and interactive layout including an iconic sidebar with textual help (tool-tips) and a notification bar. You can use this Admin panel template for both web and mobile applications.

I would love to have your feedback on this freebie template.

Download html/css version.


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Asif Aleem

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110 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this Template.

  2. Bellanov says:

    Amazing template!!!

  3. Paula says:

    Very elegant. Colorful without being garish and easy to read. Great job and thanks for the template!

  4. Rami James says:

    I really love this design. Super simple and really friendly. Thanks for much for sharing :)

  5. ray says:

    You produce great work and thanks so much for sharing. Learning the fine details in these pds downloads. Thanks heaps and keep up the awesome work! =) Cheers.

  6. liyingqing says:

    well, It’s good, It’ll be much better if we can download the html file

  7. Blanca says:

    oh my god fantastic article admin will test your blog site continually

  8. Steve says:

    nice work man! thank’s very much

  9. slice says:

    Good JOB

  10. Rahul says:

    This is really a wonderful template. I really appreciate your effort. I have a question for you.. I didn’t find any licence permission of these templates. So can I use this?

  11. juna says:

    thankyou very much for share this template, I really appreciate your effort & knowledge.

  12. liyingqing says:

    anyone who has a good admin panel?
    would U mind sending me one?
    I need a one

  13. nori says:

    Very beautiful, very useful. Thanks man!

  14. monkan says:

    Very good. Thank you

  15. eagle says:

    I am from china,this is my first time in foreign website comment.i think it’s very beautiful.

  16. Maciej says:

    Amazing! I wanna use it in my new web application, and I will include a link to this website in footer.

  17. jigar says:

    Can you give a download link to Html and css format.??

  18. Andrew Nite says:

    Thank you for the great template. I like development and not good with the design, thanks for the help.

  19. CaesarTSUI says:

    很棒啊!!!Very good!

  20. Zainal Hakim says:

    This very nice, thanks for share this template

  21. 创业论坛 says:

    pretty good..nice work

  22. I am the developer of Charisma, thanks for featuring it.

  23. Dlxik says:

    :( how can i activate one of the jQuery tabs after refreshing page ? :( stuck in this because of my low jQuery experience :(

  24. Pratik Soni says:

    It’s very pretty and user friendly.

    Please let me know that how can I use this template in Mail me your reply.

    Thank you in advance.

  25. Kevin says:

    How can i download the template

  26. Jun says:

    Thank you!

  27. raghu says:

    thank u .. i have made it..! it nice one

  28. 爸爸 says:

    Very nice!

  29. suresh says:

    didn’t see any download button

  30. asd says:

    very nice.

  31. oyku says:


  32. wtbrd says:

    cool cool..

  33. zahab khan says:

    i want admin and all types of cricket websites templates…. if any one have these,,,plz send on my i.d… thanks aloat

  34. 达达尼亚 says:

    Thank you for sharing the templates

  35. ibaiyun says:

    Well, I’m just know a little of photoshop …

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