Admin Panel Template (HTML Version)


You may remember that I had shared with you this admin panel template in psd format. Today, I bring you this template in HTML/CSS. Hope you will find it useful and functional for your project.

Happy Downloading!

Download PSD File.


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Asif Aleem

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52 Responses

  1. MT says:

    Smooth and nice interface! Good work.

  2. melomaniac says:

    nice, tnx

  3. thank you for sharing this template.

  4. DesignTime says:

    Nice template, very good work!

  5. vasanth says:

    Its very nice

  6. LaRedoute-CH says:

    This admin interface is beautifull, a very good work.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Joshua says:

    I love the Panel. How can i have access to it?

  8. Bogdan says:

    How can i download this? I see no download button.


  9. This is an amazing theme. Its exactly what am looking for. Thank you for sharing this template

  10. daan says:

    Hey, what is this copyrighted under?

  11. Henry says:

    How can I convert .psd files to HTML?

  12. gnhaku says:

    Awesome theme! But can`t find download link :(

  13. Igor Padovan says:

    I didn’t find download button right under the ad.

  14. mike says:


    Nice theme. How can I download it? I can’t find any download button

  15. Shashank says:

    I am sorry. May be due to network issues i got the link now after 8 mins. Thankyou for this. Keep up the good work dude!

  16. Mark says:

    I’ve clicked on your Tweet This and G+ icons under the screenshot in an effort to get the download button to appear, but no joy. How do I download this template?

  17. Priyank Patel says:

    how to download it

  18. Nakul says:

    I didn’t found Download button for this template

  19. ghl says:

    Its exactly what am looking for

  20. Alex says:

    Nice admin theme, but what is the copyright licence ?

  21. davis says:

    a very nice template, but i can not find the download button, some one can send it to me?

  22. Very Helpful HTML template, Good Work (y)..

  23. koen says:

    Hi. Very nice template. I’ve a question for you. You have a button for a drop-down menu at the user profile box. I couldn’t find a place to put the menu in. How can I use this? Or didn’t you add this feature?


  24. Cakka says:

    thanks for this template, let me share this template on my blog :)

  25. ammar says:

    great template, prompted my mind to download it

  26. Trend Rumah says:

    what a great template thanks for reference

  27. mohammad says:

    thanks for this nice template. how can I add external links to tabs? can you help me

  28. naresh says:

    good work bro. keep it up

  29. Cheick says:

    Amazing work, thanks for sharing !

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