150+ Outline Vector Icons Pack


Outline Vector Icons Pack 150+ Outline Vector Icons Pack

Hello designers! Today as our freebie of the day, we’re giving away 150+ outline vector icons for all your line icons design and artwork. You’ll never have to find another resource to search for vector icons once you see this set. Virtually every possible kind of vector has been made in an outline vector icon style, including speech bubbles, lines, grids, arrows, process arrows, play buttons, and numerous other icons.

Once you download this vector icons set, you’ll have no need for any other resource and you can easily revert back to this in your design library whenever you need. So, download these line icons today and have fun designing with your icons.

You’ll find this a very handy resource as you often have to make use of simple, minimalist, no-colour outline vector icons, for your design work and web pages. Especially in something which involves a lot of steps or information that is to be given. Using vector icons like these often does the trick!


Line icons that are simple to use, like these, can be reused several times and edited to suit your needs for future as well so consider these a must-have resource.


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43 Responses

  1. Yahya says:

    Looks great! But I cannot find the download link.

    • Asif Aleem says:

      You need to share it with any of the social network and afterwards you’ll get the download link. Thanks!

      • Yahya says:

        Bro, it’s buggy on Mac. Didn’t work with Twitter or Google+ on FF (others didn’t show). On Chrome, didn’t work either (only Twitter shows). On Safari, all soc nets are visible but the buttons show two times side by side. I downloaded on Safari with LinkedIn sharing. Thanks!

  2. Ara Lim says:

    it’s so wonderful icon!

  3. Jay says:

    Great set! I am considering using these in an app I am designing. Do you require attribution?

  4. annad says:

    Hey freebiesgallery, Your icon collection is very nice. I like to add my Line icons in your list, check my line icon set also : http://dmartify.com/downloads/fabulous-75-line-icons-vector-collection/

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